Slot Overview: Temple of the Medusa

You’ll most certainly see Medusa, the snake-haired, stone-eyed gorgon from Greek mythology when playing online video games. The other two are rarely mentioned: Stheno and Euryale. Possible reasons include the difficulty of pronouncing their names and the fact that they were eternal whereas Medusa was not. It’s ironic that although her two sisters have faded into oblivion, Medusa’s death at the hands of Perseus has cemented her immortality in other ways. Temple of Medusa is a slot machine created by All41 Studios, and it features only the most renowned gorgon.

Similarities between Temple of Medusa and the 2012 NextGen classic Medusa are extensive. One similarity is the grid arrangement, with players able to take advantage of 25 different paylines over 5 reels and 3 rows. Both games have visual elements typical of Ancient Greek-themed slots, such as a focus on columns, temples, and classical iconography. Many potential players’ decision to play Temple of Medusa will be made based only on the game’s winning potential, which is shown above the reels. The big revelation is coming up soon.

Let’s go into the specifics for the time being. First of all, you may play Temple of Medusa on any device and choose from a betting range of 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin. The hit rate is 31.10 percent, which equates to around one win for every three spins. While the 96.4% RTP setup is likely to be well-received, other players may find it less intriguing due to the high volatility/low potential ratio.

When we look at the paytable, we see that there are many symbols that fit the subject. The lower-value group consists of stony, Greek-font 10-A royals, while the premiums feature items like swords, winged sandals, helmets, the flying boar Chrysaor (the son of Medusa and Poseidon), and trusty Pegasus. combos of at least three symbols are needed to win, while combos of five “premium” symbols win between five and fifteen times the wager.

Slot Functions in the Medusa Temple

Just as Medusa’s gaze could turn humans to stone, so too can it transform ordinary symbols into crazy ones in Temple of Medusa. Players may take advantage of transformed symbols and a bonus round of free spins when playing this game.

The first key fact is that a number of different wild varieties exist. Wild symbols are used to complete winning combinations when they occur on the reels. The highest paying combinations in the game are those that contain wild symbols, with payouts of up to 25 times the wager for 5 of a type.

The second important fact is that the Medusa Wild only occurs on reels 3, 2, and 1. When she touches down, the symbols around her may spontaneously transform into wild variants. The designs might travel in any of three orthogonal planes (the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). Wilder changes are possible, of course, if there are more possible paths.

The Temple of Medusa free spins bonus is the game’s major attraction. Only the middle reels may produce Scatters, and getting three in view will net you two times your wager and access to a bonus game. Prior to initiating the bonus round, players can select one of four different ways to try their luck. The first three award 15, 10, or 5 bonus spins with wilds that expand in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions, respectively. The fourth choice, “lucky dip,” allows players to pick any number of free spins and any direction from the previous three selections at random. This might be 15 rotations in either of three possible directions. Free spins can be retriggered as long as scatters are still present in the game.

At long last, you may play the base game for a shot at the Lucky Prize, which pays out 5,000 times your wager if triggered.

verdict on slots in the Medusa temple

Temple of Medusa failed to impress enough throughout testing to warrant a second look. Nothing about it is so cringe-inducing that you’d want to see it again. This is minimal gaming at its finest, with a few clever ideas that fall flat and lead nowhere. Strangely, the great volatility of Temple of Medusa also makes the game’s limited potential stand out. Maybe if symbol values were increased, or if wilds were sticky, or if something, anything, might wake up the game from its monotonous low-value cruise mode.

All41 has stepped up to the plate to satisfy your need for a toned-down version of NextGen’s Medusa slot. It’s a shame if Temple of Medusa isn’t an exact copy of the original, since it would make it a lot more fun to play. NextGen’s Medusa slots would be far more entertaining and lucrative if they had multipliers and respin rounds.

If we exclude the mythical Lucky Prize 5,000x win, it’s difficult to see landing anything of consequence. Landing more than one Medusa symbol (if feasible) will turn the entire grid wild, awarding a payout of 625 times your stake if you don’t win the Lucky Prize.

In other words, the payoff for killing this Medusa isn’t that high. But then, why would you even care to? What remains of the original experience after playing Temple of Medusa is significantly weakened.

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